Lodestar Capital Partners

Lodestar was founded to offer high performing clients a unique approach to financial advisory and investment management services. The first line of business, Financial Advisory Services, is distinctive because business transaction and restructuring advice is provided from a CEO’s and owner’s perspective rather than a traditional investment banking mindset. The founders’ experience in providing strategy, performance improvement, and asset management consulting services for over 20 years revealed a profound need for smaller and often high growth middle-market firms (companies between $50m and $1b in market cap) to be supported by an advisor who could get deals done from the perspective of senior management—not financial engineers. By balancing needs of shareholders, customers, and employees, rather than pursuing purely near-term financial motives, Lodestar offers a unique service approach to clients, considering business sale, growth financing, or restructuring options. Review information www.icocompanies.com as an example of Lodestar’s restructuring, turnaround, and operational improvement impact from actively supporting ICO as one of its clients.

The second line of business, Investment Management Services, arose from the founders’ need to find a trusted source to invest the firm’s capital to earn maximum returns across all market environments. Exhaustive searching yielded no suitable asset managers who backed up their investment approach by investing equally alongside clients with their own capital. The firm therefore started its own investment management offering. The firm invests client assets alongside firm assets, in both public and private markets, to ensure proper alignment of interests.

The firm aspires to have our clients associate our service levels with what our name represents. Lodestar is another name for the North Star, a universally known symbol of constancy and unbiased guidance. Through centuries of time, mariners used the Lodestar to guide them on their journeys. As the other stars and constellations moved in multiple directions around the star, travelers calculated their bearings by the Lodestar’s constancy, avoiding traveling in the wrong direction. We built our business on having our clients depend on us as an unfailing source of guidance on their most pressing growth, operational improvement, transaction, and investment challenges. We aspired and have achieved long-term relationships derived from offering stellar service and advice, but we require no permanent arrangements. Continuity of service depends solely on client satisfaction and development of mutual confidence.

The firm recognizes its success is sourced from those who mentored and apprenticed our senior team. One of the ways Lodestar gives back is by growing the next generation of distinctive and high-performing investors, business owners and operators, and advisors. Lodestar sponsors and leads the nation’s only student-managed global investment fund, giving aspiring business leaders and investors real world experience as part of their academic preparation so they are optimally positioned to succeed in the work place. Please visit www.gfi2experience.com to see how over 600 students to date have received a fast start to a successful career.