Investment Examples

Private Equity

Lodestar Capital uses its proprietary business relationships with elite Venture Capital and Buyout Principals & Firms, as well as direct relationships with entrepreneurs, to source direct private investment in stellar businesses with strong management teams. Example current investments include:

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Private/Real Estate Debt

Lodestar Capital invests in debt used to support real estate or business projects in transition. Due to its intimate knowledge of the industry, of the development process, and the value of the underlying asset, Lodestar can often respond more quickly and flexibly than traditional lending sources. Examples include:

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Public Market Investment Strategies*

Lodestar Capital uses proprietary asset allocation and co-variance modeling software to create a public market portfolio that diversifies underlying macroeconomic, counter party, and other exposures to generate attractive absolute returns over a market cycle. The Firm also takes individual company positions in public equity, debt, or derivatives based on a deep value, concentrated position approach. Lodestar Capital invests both for its own account as well as uses professional money managers to advise on its portfolio.


*Access is restricted to owners and clients of Lodestar Capital.