What We Believe

Lodestar provides constancy in the midst of incessant change in the financial markets.  The firm can always be counted on as an anchor point in the often unstable operating environment of the financial services industry, providing dependable, independent, and value-oriented advice from CEO/owner’s perspective.  Core beliefs, set at the firm’s founding, have made Lodestar a distinctive player in financial advisory and investment management services:

  • In a business world dominated by the largest financial organizations providing a broad set of services, trying to be all things to all firms, a small firm could add a lot of value by serving the middle market to create value from doing only two things extremely well:
    • Financial advisory (M&A and restructuring) advisory services, and
    • Investment Management services, managing client assets alongside the firm’s assets.
  • The financial sector is fraught with conflicts of interest.  Clients need and prefer working with a firm that is able to provide entirely objective advice and counsel free from pressure of alternative agendas.
  • Financial opportunism pervades the financial services industry.  With more and more firms taking investment positions to force management’s hand, the firm distinguishes itself by only pursuing deals in strictly friendly situations, supporting strong management teams.
  • The global economy is flush with financial assets, facing a surplus of opportunities.  This has resulted in an industry that is now in the habit of investing “other people’s money”.  The firm invests client assets alongside firm assets, to ensure alignment of interests.
  • Deep Operating and Deal expertise is valued by clients who normally see firms offering either operating improvement or financial engineering suggestions, but rarely both with equal degrees of competence.