What We Do

We create value for a narrow set of high performing clients from doing only two things extremely well: Financial Advisory Services and Investment Management Services.

Financial Advisory Services.  Lodestar’s Financial Advisory Services focus on M&A activity and restructuring for middle-market firms (companies between $50m and $1b in market cap).  The firm has experience in advising companies pursuing acquisitions, selling lines of business, and advising companies in distressed situations.  Lodestar takes the position that quality of advice, from the senior team’s perspective of managing needs of multiple shareholder, customer, and employee constituencies, is the most crucial factor in maximizing client value.  As a firm, our team has expertise from both an operating perspective in conceiving and integrating acquisitions as well as financial valuation expertise in executing transactions.

Investment Management Services.  Lodestar manages its own assets and the assets of a select few clients.  The firm’s investment objective is to generate absolute returns that beat the performance of the S&P 500 over the very long run (measured over at least a 5 year period).  The firm places no restrictions on asset classes available for investment.  Assets, both public and private, are bought and sold with the best absolute value among classes, which include but are not limited to: cash, bonds, equities, private placements, and real estate.  Since the firm is interested in returns over the very long term, interim volatility is largely ignored.  This broad scope allows the firm to exploit opportunities wherever they may arise.  It also has allowed Lodestar to have the potential to achieve better results than having a narrow focus on a single asset class, as each market cycle tends to misprice different classes of assets.